Anyplace Anywhere

I know I’m supposed to be
asleep at this hour,
I’m up against a nude girl
who’s more than a distraction
her soft curves are at odds,
it’s hard, not to think otherwise.
Any second now
beauty is set to fade
I swear I’ve tried
to fall back asleep.
It’s no use really
trying to dream
in that other world.
I shouldn’t have gone so long,
between posting poems,
there’s too much to say
words get all bundled up.
I’m saying two things at once.
Love is altogether too much,
each time I say to myself
I love that nervous laugh of hers
I repeat words
that make me nervous
because anyplace anywhere
have been our instructions
for far too long.
I’ll scream tonight.
It honestly won’t matter to me
who hears me say the words,
just as long as you’re here
at the edge of our world
ready to jump all in.
I can’t help but
replace the worst in me,
honestly, you have prettier eyes
that see much brighter than mine.
My hot and feverish mood
I caught from you
can get all caught up.
I’m imprisoned with infection
that burns in equal measure
in the both of us now
so I look to you
and ask if you’re sure
anyplace anywhere?

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