Touch Control

Tonight will most likely be

the start of the secret garden

they’ll get all dirty

down on knees to palms.

Last years beauties

are filling the beds,

they need removal

it’ll be up to him.

The ground there

is completely sterile

the dry earth is begging

to come lay with him

listen to the stories.

The crisp and heavy conversations

are all inched up and guarded

trust will take a minute.

The dangerous girl is threatening,

because beauty like hers,

is a single lifetime event.

She encircles his body

stretched across his shoulders

the playful feline

interrupts the quiet

crawling slowly of course

she reaches for music.

The room is finally alive.

Lyrics play all hard

oh how the words

drag and pull him along.

She honestly doesn’t mind

his pleasure look

against the candlelight.

Cupped up under fingertip,

touch control,

it’s all he’s ever truly wanted

something to never forget.

The restless ache builds,

she squeezes hard,

still safe in her arms,

he understands,

she’s in charge.

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