Getting this far

I’ve long since accepted

letting you inject you

deep in my center vein

letting me feel

all of you.

You have a way

of taking hold of me

honestly, there’s nothing

to be done.

I can only stand and watch,

as the jealous sky pulls at me.

I prefer to be like this,

lying next to you,

the night stuffed full

of twinkling little thoughts

I’d love to stop this

and make love to you,

but I promised,

I’d write words first.

I’m pretending to be asleep

not wanting to wake you up.

I can honestly wait

to see how you look

in your brand new clothes

you have hidden

underneath your bed.

I really can’t complain

about your favorite outfits.

I think I’ve already memorized

every look of yours.

Trust in me,

when I say

I’d rather be running

my fingers instead of my mind

up and down your curves.

It’s impossible really

being this close

ignoring the very thing

that has you,

injected in me.

The Noise Inside Me

Sometimes I see others

they’re all happy and

I’m having trouble again

fighting all the images

beautiful you.

I start to count

thinking of all the ways

you’ve changed

the noise inside me.

I’m still the same

as I’ve always been,

blessed to have you.

I’m here waiting

on the sun

to wake the fuck up,

so I can catch a glance

of my solitary one.

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