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Flash Flood

Sun-drenched or otherwise,

it’s all she’s ever known

with her stingy dry eyes

always threatening,

maybe one day,

they’ll let loose with a vengeance.

Heavy hands reach and grab her

getting her out of the way

a flash flood is coming.

In disbelief, she stares,

it’s a forgotten creek bed

overgrown and neglected.

The first drop lands heavily

touching her face

with no warning

a wall of water

is right there on top of her.

That once passive sky

is dark and threatening

her thin summer dress is exposed.

Down on all fours

crawling to move forward.

She turns over and watches

her entire valley flooded.

The drenching downpour

carries all the overgrowth away

standing in the muddied ground

she looses her way.

Her temperamental soul

is wiped free of all memories,

this isn’t the same place anymore.

She lays in the water now.

The rain hasn’t stopped,

tilting her face skyward,

the earth wraps itself

around her drowning frame.

She keeps the silence

a closely guarded secret.

All that the others know

she’s lying in a massive puddle

enjoying the droughts end.

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