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Bees and Photographs

The garden is bursting

a magical date stamp

has everything in focus.

The girl turns with her camera

barely fitting all the blossoms

centered and in frame.

Her photographs mark time

tonight I’ve come to learn

to take notice

of the fragrances.

A hungry bee thirsts,

stop the petals

that open up for him.

He’s frantically searching

in and out of each blossom.

Oh how she loves watching his dance,

going from flower top

to top again,

until the golden pollen

covers absolutely

every inch of him.

Love is a dutiful task

I promised I’d write for her

just as long as

the girl snaps and snaps.

Opportunity is alive in this garden,

water is all I ask,

perhaps her favorite fountain

or a reflection of certain images

the girl begs for my eyes

to take notice of the surroundings

beauty is all around her

there is one massive blossom

that is truly showing off again.

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