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Time Sensitive

I’ve got to hurry because

someone has really changed,

I can only ask,

is the plump heavy sky

a place I can still look

to see the pretty clouds.

I can still remember

that temperamental side

where we kissed

the backs of our hands.

I’m just surprised to see,

this big new side

you’re trying to fit into.

I still can’t forget

how the room always lit up

when love walked in the door.

I understand,

the world has changed,

everything is all time sensitive.

I swear I can still remember

that handsome smile of yours,

in the back of your car

with the clothes all piled up

it always felt good

lying on top of that mess.

Today never bothered me before,

but I saw this new you

and it’s hard to believe

it was your idea

to ignore the Garden.

I’d ask if you’d be mine,

just seriously this time,

I wonder if,

we could reverse course

and go some other way

I’d hate for us

to get all caught up

looking back

seeing all the change.


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