California Summer

Here at the doorstep

there’s such a lovely voice

calling for me

“Come here.”

Just inside on a table,

two glasses of wine,

it’s a pretty scene

all the windows and doors are open.

I’m invited to join her.

See-through top and curtains,

a gentle breeze

her tan highlighted

by the moonlight.

She stands next to me.

We toast our California summer

this time is unlike anything else,

all warm and expensive

these sunsets cost a lot.

I catch the smell of her hair,

she reaches and kisses my palm,

face to face,

she’s surprised by my height.

Pausing, taking her in

we’re finally here

dancing alone with each other,

the music relaxes the hour,

and from her shoulder

she’s half naked.

Up on tip-toes

she’s looking straight up

the night is full.

Stars are lost to the city lights,

still, we know they’re up there

pushing forward so

eyes are locked into eyes.

Hopeless to this condition

we spend a few songs

hard against the lyrics.

Hand holding by fingertips

I watch her ass move,

towards a decorated room

a thousand twinkling lights.

The heated heavy session

is given it’s own permission.

Fuck, the girl can move.

Eager to watch her

my one pre-condition

she inches up super close

and whispers…

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