Beautiful You

Staring up into eyes,

and for the first real time

I find myself,

in love.

Still, I’ll convince myself

to quickly look away

it’s obviously too late

you’re trapped inside.

My mind stumbles and falls

it’s no use trying

others can’t erase this feeling.

In the flash of a moment

everything got all mixed up

I know I can’t

undo what yesterday meant.

Today, I’m trying to ruin things

knocking down this

tower of feelings within.

I carry the weight of you

balanced on my broken shoulder

glad to give everything away,

if it only meant,

I’d have eyes

locked up into eyes.

There’s no time to waste

to run or slip away

lay with with me

with no regrets.

Here underneath a swollen sky

I need to confess

I’m in love.

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