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Inert love language

sits choking

at the back of my throat.

To think, I chose to be here.

I put myself in a place

where it physically hurts

to miss her.

I’ve made common mistakes

that invincible side of me

thinking I could leap

and land without any scratches.

The human condition

needing to belong to others.

It’s crazy to think

the hands of others

touching her.


Out of control,

I can’t get her

out of my mind

it’s no use to try, really

she’s too pretty

of a mistake to erase.

Perhaps, just maybe

I’ll get through to her

and ask if she’ll meet me

on the steps of the garden.

Poetry and submission

words we’ve come to respect

I wonder how many would follow

to kneel at the foot of a flower

gently kiss the velvet gem.

This is the fifth hour,

wait, to calm yourself.

Treasure the quiet solitude,

stare and believe in a place

that only you can create.

Close your eyes,

imagine you’re giving a tour

to your one true love.

Showing the time and attention

it has taken you

to reach this place.


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