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Time Travel Dream

Finding the reason

how you just accidentally

fell in my lap

when we both know

there are no true accidents.

Starting from the top,

I honestly don’t mind

time traveling in dreams

when you magically appear

all fresh and new.

It was the World’s Fair

our clothes were so tight and revealing

I could hardly breathe

and then I saw you

the colors were all muted.

The exotics were everywhere

maybe that’s exactly where we belong

against the large dangerous beasts

with very little effort

we walked amongst all the danger.

You turned and extended a hand,

a beautiful gloved hand, I might add

it felt safe being there with you

oh my, the love of my life.

You were leading me to a bridge

I can clearly remember

soft puffs of perfume and cigarettes.

Slow walking closely

you were pointing out the women

showing how each one

had something pretty to offer.

Standing at the middle,

the bridge was weighed down

full of the others,

making room for us,

and just as the sun was to to set

the sky instantly turned golden.

It was there

we finally kissed,

before I woke up.

What a thing

to have you on my mind

this way.


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