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Tomorrow’s Lesson

Just in case you’ve forgotten

there are still

a thousand pretty nights

still ahead of you.

Take a real chance

the little steps

have been laid out

and are waiting for you.

Don’t worry,

about the sideways glances

learn to shift your focus,

eyes are all but gone,

it’ll be too bright

to truly see anyone.

Listen for the quiet footfalls

sneaking up from behind

you’re squared and center

ready to surrender

to whatever drug

that plays inside.

Yesterday is good and gone

no more second guessing,

sure, we can look back

without ever meaning to answer.

This is temptation’s template

undressed in front of everyone.

I can’t help but stare

hands are sinking

fully grabbing hold

of the open sky.

Set on a steady surface now

it’s easy to understand

the effect this change is having

it’s near impossible to move.

Accept time in here

as a blessed gift

simply listen to the words

skipping in the background.

Each tiny whim or desire

has a place all its own.

The garden sits waiting

for the royal inspection

for the moment you kneel

the onlookers gasp in denial,

not understanding this world.

Trust and knowledge,

are the jumping off points

give yourself this chance,

because tomorrow,

The Garden lesson

is coming.

9 responses to “Tomorrow’s Lesson”

  1. There within
    beauty shall
    with mornings
    moist kiss
    under violet sky
    golden eyes
    watch with


  2. Christina, I’m starting to think you adore three things. 1. Garden 2. Lessons and such. 3. Poetry

    Thank you as always for your time and attention. You’re remarkable


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