With someone on my mind

outside her house

with the winter night and sky

as my temporary companion

a temperamental rain came calling

and just as eyes locked into eyes

there was a brief exchange

cupped close in that instant

no one has ever been there before

the quiet world was interrupted

the Garden and all its charms

just sitting their waiting

against a set of books

our future readings

maybe a thousand times or more

God knows

I’d let you borrow my copy

I honestly don’t mind

waiting until you’re well read

both of us on equal footing

even if there is a top and bottom

I swear you’ll love every word

thin kisses dragged across

the threshold of your mouth

I guess I could disguise

the way we feel

there has to be someway

to join Jone of Arc

in that moment before

the flames got too close

buried in our favorite works

I can read with an accent

you know

where Juliette is feigning death

long before her Romeo

get’s the official word

go ahead and doubt the stars above

but before you settle

just never doubt thy love.

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