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The truth has always been

something we’ve kept secret

far from the other’s eyes.

One can only imagine why

we’ve always tried

to get behind the garden gate.

Because back behind there

there’s this new language

with a different set of rules.

Only certain plants can grow

based on a structure guide

there to give a good life.

I’ve always been the One

to help guard the beauties from

the stinging sun and its rays.

Just as equally though,

some velvet gems gems prefer

the crushing heat of the day.

It’s critically important

to know each individual need

in order to be their gardener.

Eventually the others will return

begging to look at the give and take

the flowers are at their best.

The strong and thriving garden

where you can literally see

all the hard work that’s been done.

Some thrive under a heavy hand

while others feel just as good

under a blanket of shade and whispers.

The truth of the garden

comes down to a simple philosophy

you get what you’re willing to put in.

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