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We are exactly the same,

you and Me

fluid in the night

sinking down and in-between.

I can’t say this loud enough

the tortured words of love

simply don’t belong

here between

you and Me.

Our soft spoken denials

shout and proclaim

there is this real attraction

or in other words

there are certain things

that grab and take us.

Some have called you

the prettiest-thing,

the others simply don’t understand

how to use certain words.

In all your beauty

such cupped velvet gems

take time to spread and grow

to be fully appreciated.

How lucky we are

to have each other’s hands

to help balance every move,

just as the moonlight

starts to take hold.

We have sympathy for the werewolf

under the influence

of our drunken moon

the night is full again

there’s no denying

there’s the same driving hunger

in you and Me.

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