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Crazy Stupid

Loving someone,

starts over each day

there’s no need really

to worry about this

ever going away.

That is, of course,

you’re crazy stupid too.

Maybe, just then

these feelings

will take over

and everything will be just

too much to talk about.

Crazy stupid,

darlin I know you want

these damn hands

all up and over

palming a hand-full.

The girl and those curves

this road is dangerous

I understand how you want me

to drive reckless,

but always in control.

There are four covenants,

here between us,

understand that I know

this crazy stupidness

is ours alone.

Turn the playlist up

do your special thing

against the fire

the shadows intertwine

to their own beat.

This crazy stupid love

has always been

a part of us.


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