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It Wouldn’t Matter

Even if,

we promised each other

we’d let go.

You walk that way

and I’d go up there,

it wouldn’t much matter

we’d eventually

come across a road

where we’d be too stubborn

to just walk on by.

Oh not you,

the one I’d die for

draining ink from my pen

I’m reminded by that phrase

if you truly love someone

you let them go

and if they fly back

there’s your sign.

I’m afraid love,

your love is bottomless,

I know this because

it mirrors my own.

I said goodbye,

but here you are

clearly up on my high road

we know what this means.

We can’t go back

to being strangers,

lost on that other side

where eyes search

for that momentary pause.

I suppose,

we could give it a go

just one more try,

after all,

it wouldn’t much matter

what road we took

because we end up here

eyes staring up into eyes

our favorite season

falling for Fall

I suppose.

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