Let’s Not Go

With more time to spend,

time we’ll probably

never get back.

Let’s skip the tent event.

I hate drawing circles

we’re different there

us and our heavy eyes,

I’d prefer,

we treat this night

by doing something else.

All that’s ever mattered

is that

we’re experts together.

Love is more

than going out together

to an uneven gathering

I swear you’re my trigger.


I know you don’t mind

when I hang on your arm,

we can go and explore

the pretty world

in our new clothes.

Say you’ll come with me

for an hour or more,

I swear and promise

I’ll keep you safe and guarded

busy having fun.

No one could ever blame us,

after all,

we don’t know how to pray.

Desperate or otherwise,

I’m afraid,

you won’t read these words

you’ll show up all dressed

ready for the tented party.

I should leave little hints

you want to miss out

on the big tent event

we can still dress up

you and your delicate outfits

I love browsing

you on your phone.

Eyes closed,

on the other hand

I can still see

how you’d want to go

you’re pure beauty

in those photographs.

I’ve changed my mind

let’s go!

The big tent event

I promised last year,

and the year before that

we’d go next year

and so here it is,


Trick or treat,

as long as

I have you


I’ll go

to the party tent.

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