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I Swear She Swore

Time and attention

I swear she swore

she could carry us,

but here we are

I’m asking for help

from strange hands

that aren’t sensitive

at all anymore.

I know it’s hard,

keeping up this fight

alone in the crowd,

you can’t breathe

overwhelmed I suppose,

not sure I’d ever know

exactly how it felt

carrying all that weight

of future time.

I said,

I’m here to help

balance all the weight

here on my broken shoulder.

I honestly don’t mind,

being ignored,

I’ve begged the girl

to simply be a part

Of her fight.

She insists and swears

on doing this alone,

a fight that’s

truly all her own.

I’m afraid now,

she’s going to die

and I’ll read about it

years from now.

My guardian protector

cruel in a way

she’s trying to shield me

from my own

sensitive charms.

It was her own denial

that put us on this road

that turned out to be

my greatest foe.

I never saw today coming.

So I ask you readers

please pray for Jo

these mornings are cold

they keep getting

quieter and quieter.

I haven’t heard from her

in weeks now.

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