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New Time Trials

With little 

to no idea,

it is now up to us

to master the details.

By the wayside

the world was once

reawakened by

a Greek Goddess.


a true and glorious

climatic winged beauty.

She began the work herself.

Constantly battling

impossible difficulties,

the doubtful others

questioning her every move.

Why should the skies

ever cause flooding?

Why are other areas

so arid and dry?

Do we really need rainbows?

Their weight,

she so perfectly balanced,

Iris spread her beauty


She and her

winged shoulders,

built and balanced the skies.


and her thunderous clouds

responsible for rainfall

giving this world our life.

Her colorful forested rainbows,

those early morning dews,

all taken for granted.


and her beauty

sits corrupt and polluted

her once pristine colors

now muddied and muted

too dangerous

to swim.

Her life giving water

is simply disappearing,

the most precious sip

now sits too far away.

The simple answer,

channel your inner Iris.

Conserve and admire

let your energy

flow lively again.

Build that

sustainable garden

catch and recycle the rain.

Reuse in creative ways,

make no mistake

these new time trials

have already begun.

It is now up to us

to be our own

winged Goddesses.

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