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Future Timetable

The eyes,

more importantly

her sensitive charms

she’s important to Me.

I don’t mind

spending time

on my future


I can stand closely

on the edge of night

it’s time to hurry

the jealous sky

is threatening to return.

First times,

can only come or happen

just once.

Here we are

My future lover

standing on the platform

people keep asking

if we’re going to jump?

I squeeze her tightly

we close eyes

while falling backwards.

She’s crawls upwards

only to whisper,

“You better know

what you’re doing.”

She and her

threatened look

help settle the world.

A world where

all the jagged edges

are perfect and polished.

We slam hard

there on the ground

no one really notices

our kissing hour started.

Inched up super close,

the words

left guarded in her

slowly fill the room.

This numbness

grabs at her throat,


each syllables awake.

If not for her

I wouldn’t have learned

just how to swear.

I promised her,

for the first time ever

I can finally breathe.

Tonight, she claims

that this

is now her favorite way.

To be torn and taken,

fully awake under the weight

of the star struck sky

it’s something

she’s never really felt.

The heavy bass from music

compliments and matches

the heart beat

beating intensely

in her throat.

She looks up,

eyes all demanding

“Don’t stop,

I want more

of the drug



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