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Gender Girl

Crawling lowly on the ground

making sure not to be seen

the trigger source is hunting.

He’s too young

to be having these thoughts

that are all too consuming

tired of always be hiding.

We’re not supposed to know

he’s in the wrong body

we’re going to be needy today

the trust layers are broken

still, she’s coming out

if we’re ready or not

on all fours

she’ll make you feel

like you’re the critical one.

The drug she injects

is a one-a-kind thing

her platform shows

she’s just divine

today she’s on top.

She’s a strong girl now

after all, she used to be a boy.

Gender girl,

someone who’s finally allowed

to live freely now

prettier in her new skin

she’s always been the same

a person we’ve always loved.

~For my good friend who’s son (13) came out to him. Being a wonderful father showing his son loving support.~ #Inspiration


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