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I Feel in Her

I am ready 

for both answers

to be true.

I’ve long since

applied my

protective layers

guarding me from

the girl who has

no real way of knowing

my stained hands

beg for her.

That touch she brings

in slow-motion detail

how I long for her


that glitters and shines

in my drunken haze.

I can only repeat

she has meant,

the world to me.

I Admire beauty

in things

holding time

carefully for that

one-time chance kiss.

Crawl inside her

admire the pictures

all the beautiful photographs

that highlight

this side of her

that hurts to be away.

I can take a part

from today and show you

how it reminds me of her.

Sitting comfortabley

waiting on her

keeping safe from

the jagged truth

there’s so much time

I want with her.


there are words that

faithfully surround

the effort I feel for her.

She’s my one.

My kind.

My Spirit.

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