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Lost and Stolen Dreams

I’ve been dreaming again. 

I am lost

and in the make-believe

franticly in search of

the one and only girl

someone I can’t find.

I cannot help myself

to just wake up!

I’m all fucked up,

twisted in the make believe

looking for the one

who stole everything.

She simply got up

and walked away all full.

I can’t quite figure out

why I get this upset

while searching for her

in my sleep-state.

It’s like,

I’m on the verge of tears.

No one in that asleep place

cares to help or find a cure.

When I wake,

I put my mask on

and go on with my day,

because nothing

or no one

ever bothers me.

It’s not like,

I couldn’t just call her

to help settle things

I’d never do that.

Whatever this is

playing with my mind

is there for a reason.

Maybe it’s the holiday

or my mother’s big day.

All I do know,

I’m lost and frantic

looking for the girl

I pretty much adore.

After-all, she’s the one,

my only one,

I’ve ever truly loved.

She and her big heavy eyes

always looking up,

eyes up into eyes

she stares and blinks.

I swear, I love her.

She swears,

she could love Me


I’m hers.

Tense and unsure

I’ll never understand

that tonight when I dream

I’ll get all frantic and ruined

searching everywhere

for someone


right next to me

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