My alternative girl,

a different class of girl

you’re not mine at all

at least not any more.

I know just where to stand.

Loving on the outside

the bottom quickly rises,

there is this other thought

someone who is on my mind.

I can’t quite quiet her voice

she’s too pretty to ignore

something about

the words I write about.

This love language

is a delicious liquid

she can’t quite get enough of

especially since she wants

to be the focus of a poem.

Something that’s all hers

to come and play with,

it’s like, thinking out loud

in some public way.

Go easy to begin with,

just until, she understands

the language I play around with

only then, will I be free

to play as I want.

So here it is,

a first time poem

introducing her to poetry

my favorite kind of thinking

I’ve just barely begun

to understand all my meanings.

5 responses to “New Poet”

  1. One should learn from you as to how to introduce a girl of your choice in poetry . Girl in poetry is alive . Quite beautiful . And your promise not to quiet her voice is a very appreciating one . Overall your poetry is likable for one and all . I have learnt to decorate poetry with words . But you have decorated it with girl of your choice . Thanks alot .


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