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Let Me Tell You

The trusted source code

running through numbers

the prized girl struts

confidence pours

with each new step.

I’m more impressed

she’s able to walk across

a floor with broken glass.

That soft powerful demeanor

the curves and muscle

match her brilliant mind.

Perhaps she is the girl,

she’s certainly different

against an infectious laugh

I want to inject her serum

deep in the vein

freely running up my arm.

In this nighttime sky

desire is thick

taking on heavier shadows

she does not mind

showing and sharing her body.

Let me tell you,

the hours caught under her

that kissing grasp

her nails lightly scratch

I swear, that alone

it’s far and away enough.

Still, there is this

ancient contract

the forgotten language

spoken just once,

she is curtly coherent

whispering the lonely words

we all love to hear

not by rote memory,

she explores.

Let Me tell you

this cherished season

is drunk with desire

expectation floods the room

down on broken knees

to palms.


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