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All Out of Focus

All out of focus,

eyes lost all critical detail

having spent hours

memorizing every inch

these are first times

this drugged out addiction

I can feel her

swimming in my veins.

My skin crawls because of her.

The perfect hold over me

it’s hard to look away,

everyone turns,

staring at her skin-deep beauty.

Beautiful you.

The dark and pretty curves,

all hidden away,

learning how to manage all this

this strange and unfamiliar place.

When she stands

here next to me

it’s a feeling for sure.

The girl and her upturned charms,

I swear this time

this interlude of ours

has gone unwritten til now.

Each and every inch

easy to be explored

the dutiful reply

spoken by the Queen

all tight lipped, but otherwise,

completely on board.

This easy love of mine

survives on both sides

I hope you won’t mind,

if I borrow your sight

My eyes aren’t quite right.

Right now,

it’s getting harder

to put this down

touched by a flood of words,

but then again,

I can just as easily stop.

Perhaps this poem

has said enough.

The end.


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