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If I were the one

to tell only you

I might be going mad,

would you

still be here.

Most times,

I feel like,

a flower growing right there

in the crack of downtown sidewalk.

I’ll sit right down

and wait until,

you’re not so busy and

I’ll keep missing you.

I’m afraid,

I won’t find you,

or my way back.

I could quite possibly,

already be,

lost and in love.


I’m really good at

waiting on this very spot.

I’ll promise

to wait

until you can get back.

I hope you won’t mind

I’ve tripped and fallen

ruining my perfect look.

The whole world is watching

getting a really good laugh.

I can hear them ask,

“Are you a fool

how could a flower

ever expect

to blossom there?”

I ignore them because

I honestly don’t mind

waiting right here

for your hand

to come and take me home

and place me

in that favorite vase.

The vase that now sits empty

next to your naked bed.

I swear I’ll be a compliment

there are a few weeks left

here inside me

and my

handsome blossom.


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