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Attention Defecit

The hold I see

all curled up

the nighttime sky is biting

who would have ever guessed

she was fully undressed

underneath a luxurious throw.

A real fur blanket

hands are free to explore

with permission first

strong heavy hands palm

in the most deliberate of ways.

Who would have ever believed

she was fully dressed

using a fur throw

to warm her bones.

She looked up really hard

she and her upturned charms

the contrasting fur

there at her neckline

she mirrors the pulsing need

to be in her.

I crawl to get super close

careful to pay close attention

hands beg to feel

this good again.

Against a coarse whisper,

“Just once again please.”

The girl and her words

lying underneath her blanket

her faux fur throw

is beyond anything

I’ve ever felt before.

It’s come down to this

the want versus the need,

and unless you’ve never felt

the subtle differences between

polished fur and sensitive skin

your eyes may not comprehend

how first times like this

come just once.

Take a minute

appreciate the nighttime sky

the soft glowing candlelight

highlighted by her playlist.

Attention control,

eyes are all locked

on the girl

inside the fur throw.

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