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Just the Start

A verse written for

My one and only.

Words express the feel,

mixed in all these feelings

and maybe after all

her kiss after a century of sleep

has awaken every part.

Oh Grace,

who would have ever thought

all the time we’d ever spent

would come down to tonight.

Grace and her epic charms,

there’s an outfit to be warn

I warn the others

who wish to look

you can’t undo the sight.

First times,

like this one tonight

will grasp and take hold

hard against a cold wall

the temperature code ignites.

The music pulses

just inside our throats,

the girl comes alive

her hands twist and tighten

inching closer

my eyes follow hers

she’s in control

touching the surface

there’s no better feeling

palming leather.

The hunger thirsts,

just as the hour turns

she promises

next time,

we’ll finish…

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