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My Forever

Watching the night unfold

there’s never been

heavier words spoken

quite like this before.

Grace turned,

coming back because

she felt safe again.

Life should have never

turned its back

away from her.

That safe place,

sits shattered now

on the floor.

I swear I don’t mind

helping her

sweep the sharp and jagged pieces

so no one else gets hurt.

The tearful art of crying,

helping her

see the brighter side,

from afar.

We both now recognize

how crazy it ever was

to be lost in love.

Standing safe now

on our swept floor

I won’t let her

crawl on broken knees

to palms.

Let Me read to you,

the soft heroic words

written a lifetime ago.

She turns with a smile,

it’s a pretty smile

I’m used to seeing.

Hands touch and trace

a heart-like outline,

“You’re strong Grace”

don’t ever doubt that voice

tucked in and buried close.

She turns and whispers,

three of our forbidden words.

Eyes fall squarely into hers,

weak kneed and other things

I’ve never

truly loved someone,

as much as,

I love her.

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