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Life Stages

Those adolescent

boyhood desires

have truly never left

and even after

all these years

it makes things hard

to see certain things.

Teenage boyhood charms

the dark and heavy

illustrations and movies

show us that other side

barely being covered up.

To our twenties,

still unsure how to explore

the strange odd logic

of where we fit in life.

Resigned to starting a family

those thirties were kind

the joy and fun

of raising my two loves.

Finally, the breakthrough,

forty different points of light

on broken knees to palms

so many want to play now

obey the new rules

if you wish to want.

Combine them all into one

adolescent, teenage and adult

all still the same

yearning to get a glimpse

to touch and play together

we can make our own movies.

I honestly don’t mind

if you choose to look.

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