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Tomorrow I Suppose

I’ll wait until tomorrow,

to slip in bed,

and begin to dream with you.

Maybe even then

it will be too much

the weight of dreaming

alongside my electrical wire

comes with a price.

It’s dangerous now

getting all caught up

when a spark could lead

to an inferno

we keep hidden away.

I’m not exactly sure

just how much love

I’m willing to spend

especially now

the nights are so cold.

We could simply lay there

in a bed of

cologne and perfume,

quietly listening,

to warm hands

finally getting their feel.

I’ll be under the moon

waiting on you

while you wash your hair.

It’s never too late

to come to bed

with wet hair

I suppose.

There’s always room

for a towel

that keeps your head warm.

Come morning I know,

your hair,

will still be all wet.

I’m jealous because

everything you’ve ever done

keeps me in awe

I’ve been this way

since birth.

I’ll wait until tomorrow

to slip in bed

and begin a dream with you,

maybe then,

the cost will have gone down,

dreaming after all

always comes at a price.

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