Broken Smile

The girl 

with the broken smile,

I must admit

I’ve not seen her

quite like this

all broken inside.

We could start over,

I promise in fact

that today

and each day after this,

if you wish,

we’ll find a piece

and glue it back.

It may take a century

or even longer

to fully restore

that beautiful smile.

I swear I don’t mind

unless you decide

that smile of yours

may be permanently broken.

I guess

I’ll have no other choice,

but to accept that answer

you’ll not hear me complain

about how amazing

that smile is around us.

I may just remind you

that your balance is off,

may I remind you,

love and tides,

the ebb and flow of life

is a constant depth.

There is want and yearning,

selfish I suppose,

hard when nothing much matters

neither high nor low.

She asked if I could help

with her condition

I can’t lie,

change can only come

from the individual person.

I will admit

she’s my one and only

and from the start

I’ve been drawn to her

charmed and haunted spirits.

The girl

my secret garden

full of daylight spells

she’s a perfect mixture

where hands are simply allowed

while the mind explores.

Up and under,

the nighttime sky is alive

it is no wonder

heavy words

have their whispers.

The once flush girl

sits void of any fever,

her hands constantly cold now

numb to the world.

I lay with her,

my drunken moon,

eyes so dark and heavy

her simple wish

has always been

to be simply held.

Me and my Reiki energy

I’ll freely transfer to her

hands ache to warm her

cupped now just above her skin,

I start the energy transfer,

however, the more I give

the more she hurts.

I can feel her slipping,

she’s crying,

while trying to pretend

we’re not up against

a foreboding edge.

I kiss her forehead

center her

maybe, come tomorrow

we can start

all over again.

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