Fire and Poetry

Here with heavy hands. 

The girl looks and stares,

this is a first time

seeing her this way

all quietly defeated.

I know she’s begging to ask,

are you going to

jumpstart things?

Unlike, the time last

her fiery eyes

have been

all but extinguished.

Make no mistake,

even in this current condition

the girl commands my attention.

For I know,

unlike no one else

there are forever embers

burning somewhere within her.

It’ll take more than

a string of my fancy words

to pull-start her engine,

this, I’m acutely aware of.

Still, she’s too tired

to look or examine

exactly why her light is out.


this isn’t her hour

or God forbid, her season.

She asks,

are you going to fix this?

I respond,

just as I’ve always done,

I am in love.

For an instant

she instantly lites up,

for just a flicker,

I swear

and now it’s gone.

I’m sorry

because I’m unsure

what is the exact cause.


everything is gone.

That fire does not matter,

you’re still the girl

here today,

we both understand

there are no pretty answers

we’ll just take

and accept things,

as they naturally come.

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