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That Certain Girl

I met a man

who had a broken heart

he can’t quite figure out

how a girl must feel

when she’s let down

over and over again.

This is simple

to understand, really,

if you let her down

she won’t let you

come back in again.

I’m sorry to be the one

to tell you how

a girl just wants to be loved,

constantly without any gaps.

It’s quite simple really,

try and understand

you’ll find the one

who doesn’t require

the time and attention

that this one does.

She’s not a burden,

at least to some of us,

actually, we prefer

her sensitive

and exacting charms.

I swear

I hope you won’t mind

when you find out

I’m dating her.

I met a man

with a broken heart

he couldn’t quite understand

that this one of a kind girl

is a special one.

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