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Time and it’s code

an overwhelming pressure

to hurry and finish things.

I only wish to look inside.

She’s everything to me,

it’s an acute ache

same time and place

each and every day.

I wake and immediately

start to miss her.

It’s terrible having hope

feelings can misread the room

her body is a chemical to me

a lock and key thing

we simply fit perfectly.

Time and attention with her

it’s a pretty way for sure

to be inside for a while,

anyway, she’s my better way.

Overwhelmed on the other side

my love sits soaking in her tub

for hours she goes over things.

I can only imagine how

life must weigh

on her soft shoulders.

I hope I’ve made it here

in time to separate

the things we keep

and all that other stuff

we need to throw away.

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