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Rope Bunny

The rhythm to first times

it’s always the same

each and every time

a nervous hungry beating

in the back of the throat

you’re almost there

to a one of a kind love.

I honestly don’t mind

teaching you

that being pushed down

so you can crawl

in order to get up

so to speak of course

is a balanced game of trust.

All of us

just want to believe

there’s an automatic drive

buried somewhere inside

that makes us stand.

I’m not the first

to mention this

give and play

to touch.

A lover starts with candles,

some are drawn to the reflection

illuminating a room

everything so innocently planned.

Others prefer the dripping wax,

what a rush,

that brief stinging burn

and for most

that’s where it ends.

Still, tThere are different types

some honestly don’t mind

performing and playing the part

against the candle’s flame.

I’d prefer,

the secretively guarded,

too impossible to believe

they’d ever be tied up

and referred to as a

“Rope Bunny.”

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