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Certain Poems

Certain words and other lines

Grace dislikes certain poems.

I’m here now,

on this other side

to explain why

you’re the girl

who needs certain poems.

I’ll take the potion or serum dye

inject you into my arm,

just a few seconds more

so my hulucinatoins can start.

Whatever this is,

or whatever you are

I am transfixed on your form.

Oh let me count the ways,

and tell the world

exactly why I love this girl.


you’re an imperfect star

always tripping

across a moonlit sky.

Of course,

it’s hard to imagine

you’d ever fall and complain,

no, you take everything

as if it were intended

simply, things were meant this way.

To my favorite attribute,

unsure exactly,

how this happened

I make mention of your outfits,

that deliberate way

in which you dress,

like some,

theatrical performance

of course I’m envious.

Now, to your beauty wand

that everlasting quality,

your looks I’m afraid,

will never change or fade.

I love that when you enter

the heads of others

just naturally turn.

Grace, my curse and blessing

sure you dislike certain poems,

but I’m here to tell you,

that on this,

crisp and early California morn’

the words,

for whatever form or fashion

are simply yours

because you’re adored.

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