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Magical Charms

Temperamental touch,

with just eyes this time

if you don’t mind

I’ll stay behind

and write the words

you’ve always wanted.

I know,

more than anyone else

there’s something soft

that goes right through you

to that center spot.

I promise, love,

I won’t ask for much

a season or two

so I can gather and find

the exact proper words

written in my poetry.

I’ve given you much

to think about,

from the very start,


you know me well enough

to know I’d never

go and give up.

It’s cold and you’re here

ready to warm me up

under a set of winter blankets

with nothing more than

that wanting smile.

I swear,

my eyes

are defined by yours

and that eager

wanting stare.

I try and imagine

just exactly where

you’d love to go

you promised me the world.

It’s no use really,

there’s no other place

I’ve ever belonged

where I’m all happy.

Oh beautiful you

take your magical charms

spread them

create a safe place

that’ll keep us

uninterrupted from…

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