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Verbose I Suppose

A verbose set of words

thoughtful for sure,

but in other words

who needs all this?

My book of poems

lying open

on the floor.

I never claimed

I was above it all,

after all

you’re the one

that wanted to become

My forever girl.

Maybe I want you

to write something

that makes me feel beautiful.


when I pick you up

walk up to me

in one of your outfits

whisper the forbidden words.

Maybe then

my verbose mood

won’t be too much

I guess I’m stuck here

under this winter sun

I’m begging you

for an hour more

just eyes

up into eyes

this time

I swear.

I’m bursting now


I really want to know

just how far

your love

would go?


say you love me


only then

will you ever see

my true reaction.

I understand and know

you’d never think

my language here

is obscure

or verbose

would you?

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