Honestly Let’s Drive

Rescue this side of me,

of course I’d never ask

to be taken

stolen from my room.

I honestly wouldn’t mind

if we stopped

using certain words.

In other words

I’ve missed

how we spend

all our awkward time.

We could drive,

I know I wouldn’t mind

if we filled the car

with words from songs.

Only lyrics please,

sing what is you mean

“Baby, Lay your head

on my lap

one more time.

Tell me

you belong to me.”

Like how Fionna Apple did

On The Bound’

A favorite song of hers.

Come out

late with me

in the absolute dead of night

I promise

I’ll have a playlist ready.

It’s important to know

you’re willing to save me.

We could stop

and get drinks n stuff

with ears ringing

from our concert hour together.

I can only plead with you

to keep the car running

we have much to sing about.

Even as our late-night hour

devours the best light

your devotion towards me

is mirrored in the rear view

right back at you.


eyes could stare into eyes,

but then you’d know

I’d be making funny faces.

Stare straight ahead

eyes on the road please,

just sing for me.

All I really want is

to be in your new car

in that soft and luscious

driving blanket.

You’re being perfect

my addiction spell

all closed in

you and that

fucking perfume.

I feel lucky

to be lost to time,


let’s just

drive tonight.

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