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The Four Ravens

The first Raven recalled

the excitement in her question

do you want me?

Here to always call out

the girl needs me available

the pleasure and pain source.

The second Raven from behind

wanting the beat of the music

during this next go around

hips move and sway

she softly sings and bites.

The third Raven is here releasing

suffer handsome words

down on broken knees to palms

she begs to be adored

bring the bird closer please

colorless eyes fill the void.

She turns and asks a question

will you taste the pretty flower.

The fourth Raven draws in super close

too close for a whisper

she’s uses her hands

to guide him to the source

this is their blessed hour

the minutes twist

she can feel his nervousness

turning to adjust the lights

the Raven is startled

and just like that

he’s off on flight.

Eyes are drawn to the dark

her loneliness cries

softly on a forgotten pillow

come back Raven

come back.


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