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The Balance

This star studded tree

with glorious riches of fruit

ruby red gems

weigh down the branches.

“Just one,” she protests,

we’re all alone

no one will ever see us.

How unfair

to place such a tree here

by nature aren’t we

supposed to explore our surroundings.

Forbidding us from eating

from this one sacred tree

in a gate-less garden.

Still, she could not refuse

how much he wanted a taste

her overly confident hand

couldn’t quite reach the branch.

In that soft demure way

she asked for his help

obviously he obliged.

The bittersweet truth

of them and that tree

the fruit should never

been forbidden in the first place.

There were hundreds

of other beautiful fruit trees

to choose and decide.

Come place your faith

on if they’re going to taste

I’m begging to beg here

tell me how beautiful

this elite garden of Eden looks now.

Placing this un-holy guilt on her

instead of celebrating

the garden’s rich abundance

enough for all humanity.

Instead, we’re to believe

humans are centered on self

focusing on one

where we could potentially start

world wars, suffering and hate.

I’m struggling to understand

how this tree of fruit

started everything

I see on the news.

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