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Authentic You

To admit you still love

those porcelain figurines,

koi or otherwise,

I can still hear your laugh.

The first and last time

my eyes were caught staring

there was this side of you

that appreciated my gaze.

Me and my far off look,

I couldn’t help but feel,

when you were near

excited by my first time

there was no way

I’d not take it all in.

How lovely it all seemed.

Twisting a part of your shirt

highlighting the curves

pulling then pushing

attention was spent wisely.

People were quick to compliment

all the things

I first saw in you.

Naked flesh,

there were differences

that playful side

that dropped the world

for both of us.

I would never mind

your last second calls,

as long as you understood

all I’ve ever really wanted

was an authentic


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