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Food and Love

Adrift with too much time to think. 

I wonder how untrue

all those promises you made

were actually the best of you.


and clearly out of my depth

I never had the chance to tell you

exactly why I was so rushed.

Food and love,

starving to have my hand held

I’ve forgotten the taste of perfume,

how that scent lingers still.

Here on my tongue,

I whisper those private things

that were clearly meant for one.

I could sit and feast with you

filling my belly with sips of air

underwater holding my mouth full

I might need rescue.

There’s only one,

just one,

I hope you know My meaning

My infinite difference

between the outside and in.

I’ll be here a while

waiting on my ego to finish

probably longer than I meant

because you’ve not seen

these kinds of words

coming from me before.

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