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Hurry love

lets run away

before the sun decides to rise,

ruining a perfectly quiet night.

A night that has been full

and heavy

with the sounds.

Hurry love

step inside the showers

let the water fall and cascade

down the curved turns.

Let the suds cup and caress

your naturally perfect upturned sights.

I love the feeling

of this moment.

just before the sun rises

and shines a light

on what was made of last night.


for the world to see

we couldn’t help ourselves

we kept moving.

With whispers

heavily into each others mouths,

beautifully unscripted

we somehow recited the words

in our favorites poems.


and my true love

come follow me

and I promise

I’ll keep soothing you.

Beautiful you.

The honest truth

woven around love-soaked wrists

holding you to myself

I swear not to ignore,

just as long as I’m allowed

to lay quietly still

buried in your perfumed bed.

need your amazing look

that lovely mask of yours 

so I can hide and pretend

to be anonymous once again.

So when you say

I love you,

come tomorrow

I’ll reach and search,

and reach for your arm

to help guide me then,

just as the sun

begins to turn.


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