A Bed in A Castle

The glorious drug

fell sharply into veins

do not flinch,

or show any signs of weakness.

Both wrists offered up,

freely tied with a cord

to a heavy 500 year old

beam overhead.

It was her turn

to reverse the Medieval curse

this castle known for torture

is now a bed and breakfast.

She climbed on top

planted her mark

and whispered

her forever words

they both agreed on.

Taking what she considers,

exclusively hers,

she put a strong hand

tightly around the throat

with the words,

“I dare you to move.”

Now circling the room

she tightened the cord

lifting shoulders

from off the bed.

This particular room

is familiar with this

kind of struggle,

where one truly gives

without giving permission.

The temperature quench

a simple cube of ice

the dripping hits

the center of the chest,

so the torture begins

as she instructs,

“Keep your eyes into mine.”

From the start of this night,

she has planned on this room

from half way around the world.

Now that she’s here,

just miles from Rome

she is empowered

to get to the truth

from a bed

in a castle.

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