National Holiday

The fortress is cleared

everything looks untouched, unused.

There’s not a soul around

it is like a National Holiday

everyone has gathered with families

showing their universal joy and love.

In the span of a day

a religious rebellion was triggered,

some celebrate the new coming

started a couple thousands years ago,

while others give baskets with fake grass.

The glorious temptation to give

exposed by a set of rules

on this, the ordinary day.

Come stretch your sleepy self

out on the one and only couch.

Pretend no one is around

who cares, it’s just family

surround yourself with those

who will celebrate

when you walk in a room.

Enjoy the circle

where your spirited loved ones

fill the house with laughter.

Still, there are those

who don’t have as much

as those overflowing families,

if you can, you must

invite them to the table

to taste the most amazing food

from cherished recipes

handed down and saved up

for this day and moment,

On a National Holiday.

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