The Double Line

If you want to buy my attention

please bring something other than

your precious coins and wants.

If you’re going to stand alongside me,

just bring your hand.

If you plan to please and perform

make sure you take me

to that place where we first kissed.

It’s still not too late,

you can dress up and have that look.

Under a blanket of your choice

you can bring a game

and make it come to life.

The very thing that brought you here

is a secret that no one else has ever noticed

or cared to look at straight in the face.

Here you are, alone for the first time

what you will get in return from this

unselfish performance of yours?

Not only are you on the stage

there is a level of instant high respect

even if it’s just my opinion.

Accept the terms and you’ll have

all the time and attention you deserve.

Listen to the words that fill your belly

intentionally give yourself over blindly,

heap all of your love at once

up on this plate of love.

Bring your special gift to the line,

bind your wrist

tightly knitted in mine

because long before we ever jump

we’re going to agree upon the spot

exactly where we’re going to fall and land.

In the safest way of course

we’ll need to jump right now of course.

Then on the other side,

with our terms all agreed upon

both sides can take their time

producing the next great generation

an epic tragic play depicting

an all new ending to what we’ve started.

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