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Secret Life

My secret life 

I hope you don’t mind

while I balance both divides,

the mind and body,

here in equal parts.

I swear my meticulous side

is sure to recognize

the smallest of changes,

and yet, I am as equally blind.

We can both agree,

your photos sway all our emotions

the top layers and backgrounds

simply always agree.

Promise, to keep shooting.

Vermillion, your elegant color

staining your confident kiss

inched up for closer inspection

that moment your lips are imprinted.

My obsession, and your beauty

simply hangs in the balance

I am forever stuck and drawn

to you and your earthly body.

I’ll never look away

having memorized every inch

these words are my paintings

memorialized in every update.

To the tiniest of smells

tucked up and behind your earlobe

the softest of bites

where lines are softly whispered.

The expert curve,

me and my drawn out words

always adding to the whole

go ahead and glimmer with me

against the shadows

I know you won’t mind

me and our secret life.

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